Rachel Campbell

 Change is one of those things that we either embrace or shy away from, and yet is something that so regularly occurs, whether it be a new hair style or the changing seasons, or more major change such as a new job or moving house. Our lives are constantly changing as we travel through the years.
 For me, I feel that my life has undergone many major changes over the last few years, from becoming a Mum, to moving house, losing my Mum, ceasing full time employment, and most recently being at that point where my youngest has started school. I am constantly noticing changes in my children as they become more and more independent. Whilst I have felt sadness at this most recent change, I also have a heart full of gratitude for being able to be a full time Mum to them, and for being able to watch how they grow and develop.
 Change can take place slowly over a period of time, or it can happen very suddenly as I have experienced again very recently with the loss of a loved one, but what this sudden and devastating change can teach me, and indeed us, is that life is for living. I intend to try (in the most part!) to embrace change and all that it may offer. I am hopeful that this new chapter in my life might provide me with new opportunities and experiences which will add to my journey and story.
 So as we start a new academic year which is full of change for so many, as summer turns to autumn, I hope that I may be inspired to make the most of the changing season. I love how the leaves change their colours, and eventually fall to the ground so we can kick our way through them, I love the cosy evenings in front of the fire, the chunky jumpers, the beautiful sunlight on a cold morning, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and how this is reflected in my colour palette and textures. I hope that you will enjoy seeing the ways in which I have been inspired by change to make things for you.

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