About me

'All things great are wound up with all things little' LMM - Anne of Green Gables

And it is those little things that have led me to creating this website. Finding joy through the small things; creating, giving, sharing, inspired by nature, flowers, my children and a simple palette of colours and yarns.
My creativity began when I was young, I always loved making, particularly with my Mum, and I carried this on through my education, completing an A-Level in textiles. After attending University and pursuing a career unrelated to arts and crafts, I continued my crafting as a hobby. Shortly before I had my fourth child, my life changed forever when we lost my beautiful Mum. Words cannot describe the effect of her loss on our family. She was my inspiration; she was always making whether it be through cooking, sewing, needlework or gardening, and she was the kindest most generous person I knew.
Soon after Mum's death and after having my youngest child, I began to create more and found it incredibly therapeutic. I learnt how to crochet at an evening class and soon became addicted to it. The soothing rythmn of it provides solace and comfort to me, and I soon came to realise that I could create lovely items for my children. I was then encouraged by friends and family to develop things and try my hand at selling pieces, and this has proved to be successful for me and led me to this stage now, something that was only a dream at one point.
Being a Mum, I understand the importance of comfort, and ensure that all my items are comfortable as well as stylish and easily washable. Someone once described me as 'simple yet quirky' and I hope that this comes across in the pieces I make. Simple and honest designs using natural materials as much as possible for your little ones. I really hope that you like them, I get great joy from knowing that my items are loved by those who wear them.
I dedicate this all to my Mum, my inspiration, my friend and my guide  X

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