Giving Back

Gooseberry Fool is based on my core values and their simplest form, those of being kind. Whilst working to ensure that the women who make your products are treated fairly and helped to feel empowered, and that the products made are as kind to the planet as possible. I also wanted to build into the brand, the ethos of giving back. Being a brand who believes in people and the planet over profit, it is important to me to ensure that a portion from each sale goes directly back to communities with an identified need for support.
Playtime at community seva centre
I have chosen to support the wonderful work of two charities, firstly Community Seva Centre who are working in rural communities in southern India to provide children and young people with the tools and opportunities to build a better future for themselves. They believe that education should be a tool accessible for everyone, for a better tomorrow.
dining hall at community seva centre
CSC provides education, food, training, development of vocational skills and healthcare to children and women in rural and tribal communities. You can find out more about the work they do here. £1 from every product sold will go directly towards the current project that they are working on which is currently building new school and dining rooms. 
dining hall construction at csc
I have also chosen to work with Harmony House, a charitable organisation who are working to address the needs of street children in India. They support over 450 children and women by providing them with vocational services and training programmes. Furthermore, they are offered education, food, medication, hygiene facilities and social services. They help to nurture and nourish self reliant individuals and self sustaining communities. 

Harmony House provide hot meals and snack packs for each child. So, for every item ordered, I will be funding snack packs for five days for one child. 
A recent message of thanks from some of the children enjoying their samosas purchased with your support, thank you so much. 
I hope that this will make a small difference to the lives of the children in these communities. Thank you as ever for your support.
Rachel x