Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement


It has been wonderful to be so busy over recent months, and it really does give me such a buzz to fulfill all of your orders; however, this has meant that this blog post has been delayed. I would like to share some great news on how things are developing here. After many hours, maybe even days, of research,I have made the decision to switch my yarn supplier. Over the last year or so, I have been making a concerted effort to ensure my brand is as ethical as it can be. I continue to use recycled paper for packaging, sustainable wood for plaques, make products in organic materials where possible, and with all items made in the UK, I am cutting down my carbon footprint. As a result, I am delighted to share that my new supplier is a British brand, and are members of 'Make it British'.


Three Bears Yarn, is a supplier with great integrity and high ethical standards. All their products are produced here in the UK, where they collaborate with other great textile manufacturers, ensuring that the skills we have developed through the generations are kept alive and built upon. They work with UK spinners, English Fine Cottons, to produce some of the highest quality yarns that can be found. All yarns are dyed at their own Lancashire dye house.

I have chosen this season, to switch to a Supima cotton yarn, widely considered to be the finest of all cottons. This is an incredibly durable yarn, as it is much better than the shorter fibers of traditional cottons, the result being a silkier, smoother material. 


I really am thrilled to have found such a fantastic supplier of yarn. Textiles have been produced in Blackburn since the middle of the 13th Century, when wool was woven in people's houses. It then saw massive growth and development in textile manufacturing, becoming one of the first industrialised towns in the world, before it then saw a decline in production. So to see today, how this industry has seen such regrowth is really heartwarming. I intend to take a road trip at some point soon to visit, and see my yarn in production.

I hope you like the changes being made, and are as excited as I am. I can't wait to share some new designs with you later in the week. Until then...enjoy this wonderful season of Spring.


Rachel xx

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