Earth Day 2018

I can't believe that it is a year since my last Earth Day blog. International Earth Day is an awareness day that is becoming more and more prominent as a generation of people become more fully aware of the impact of our lifestyle on our planet. This year, people are being encouraged to focus on reducing their plastic consumption, and to use more environmentally friendly materials.
Some suggestions include:
- Using reusable bags when you go shopping. More and more retailers are now showing their support for this. An example of this is the supermarket chain Aldi who will stop selling the 5p carrier bags by the end of 2018 in favour of offering bags for life.
- Don't use plastic straws with drinks. We have recently switched to bamboo ones which we purchased from Be Lifestyle Boutique.
- Buy cartons instead of bottles. Cardboard is easier to recycle. 
- Use recyclable bottles and cups.
- Pack meals in reusable containers.
The broadcasting of Blue Planet 2 in 2017, really hit viewers with the stark reality of how our plastic waste is causing irreparable damage to our oceans, and really seemed to propel the issue into the world's conciousness. I know that the visual image of seeing this really did hit home with my children, who were/ are truly devastated by the impact it is having.
Sir David Attenborough - nobody does it better...
Globally, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic, the equivalent to 381,000 whale sharks is reportedly thrown into our oceans each year. The Marine Conservation Society estimates that more than 70% of rubbish washed up on British beaches is plastic. 
Here at Gooseberry Fool, as mentioned previously, our packaging is now 100% recycled paper. Yarn is sourced from a British supplier thereby reducing our carbon footprint, and we use sustainable wood in our wooden products.
Gooseberry Fool sustainable packaging
Since establishing Gooseberry Fool, I have met and come across some wonderful baby and children's stores who are actively working to be more environmentally friendly. Some of my favourites are:
- Acorn and Pip  An online store dedicated to offering sustainable, organic and design led products.
- Wolfie and Willow  Ethically handmade moccasins for babies and toddlers, and totebags for Mama's from vegetable tanned, chrome free leather.
- Hope and Fortune Blankets Stylish and ethical products for your babies, whilst also helping Mama's and babies in Uganda.
- Tilly and Cub Handcrafted, Fairtrade, natural fibre moses baskets.
- The Little Natural Company A baby and children's concept store specialising in design-led ethical, natural and organic products.
- Superhero Collective A marketplace for sustainable kids clothing, toys and decor. By Mums for Mums.
I hope that this post has inspired you too to think about your use of plastic if you don't already, and I would love it if you would share this with others.
Until next time,
Rachel x
To get involved at a Surfers Against Sewage beach clean at various locations visit Surfers Against Sewage
To Take part in a Marine Conservation Society beach clean visit Marine Conservation Society.
To Learn more about a plastic planet visit a plastic planet.
or to view a documentary 'A plastic ocean' visit plastic oceans.
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