Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

....Is a world of colour!
I am delighted to share that I have been handpicked as a Campaign Champion for this year's Colour Friday, created and led by the wonderful Holly Tucker. A campaign to encourage people to shop small this Christmas. As a small brand, who encourages conscious consumerism, Black Friday is not something that sits well with my values and ethics. It was something created by huge multi national companies as a means of generally flogging whatever items they can't sell at heavily reduced prices. Small, independent brands cannot compete with their pricing, where margins are smaller and their offerings carefully considered and curated. In the past, I have chosen to give back with every purchase made over the BF weekend, and I am delighted to say that his has now become part of my business model permanently. 
Colour Friday
This year, I have chosen to say thank you to you, my valued customers for your support, by gifting you a pair of booties with every order over £20! No codes needed, they will be added automatically and free of charge at checkout. Just a way of me showing you my appreciation. (While stocks last)
I wanted to add further colour, as a tonic to BF by sharing some of my favourite conscious small businesses, they all give so much thought, care, and love to the products they create or curate, showing kindness to our planet and the people who inhabit it. I would love you to go and show them some support, I have linked their websites below, and I know you will find so many lovely things.
Conscious small brands
Yellow pinafore dress image: Pigeon Organics
Pink block print baby gifts: Dilli Grey
Duck egg, saffron and mulberry booties: Gooseberry Fool
White Moroccan clutch bag: Be Lifestyle boutique
Children's pyjamas: Ducky Zebra
Bunny Game: Sea Whistle
Handcrafted cowhide products: Zulu Cow
Handcrafted jewellery and kimonos: Loft and Daughter
Christmas clothing and accessories: Little Cotton Clothes

My final note to you is to ask you to think carefully where you spend your money this weekend. I totally understand that some purchases do need to be made with big retailers, but where possible, please do try and shop small, the person you are buying from truly appreciates every single sale, now, more than ever.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,

Rachel x
Colour Friday
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