Spring is on it's way.....

Spring is on it's way.....



It's been a while hasn't it?! We seem to have come through the Winter months relatively unscathed, the temperatures haven't felt too cold here (though in truth, I rather like a cold and frosty day). So now our thoughts are turning to Spring, to the signs of new life and new growth (note..it's currently pouring with rain and I am wrapped in a blanket!). I always find it amazing to see the sight of spring bulbs pushing up through the ground, buds on the trees, blossom and bird song. The arrival of the snowdrops and crocus herald the start of this new season for me. Our house is currently filled with the heavy scent of hyacinths, I know some find the smell a little over powering but I like it and love how the small flowers join together to create that one big flower head.



My love of flowers and fauna often inspires my colour palette and I hope that the colours I have chosen for this season give you a feeling of the freshness of spring and the new growth around us. The pantone colour palette has also inspired my colour choices, ensuring that Gooseberry Fool is reflecting the seasons trends.

I have some new designs for this season which I am very excited to be showcasing very soon, but for now, I will leave you with Gooseberry Fool's colours for the coming season. With love and warm wishes to you all and many many thanks for your continued support.

Rachel xx


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