Spring/ Summer 2018 - New awakenings

Spring/ Summer 2018 - New awakenings


It has felt like Winter has dragged on for months and months, but finally we are seeing glimpses of sunshine (with the exception of the last couple of days!). So I thought it time to properly share the Spring/ Summer colours, though I know they have been around for a little while now! As explained in a previous blog post, I have switched to a new British yarn supplier, and a Pima cotton. They had the most beautiful colours to choose from, it was so difficult to decide!



I wanted my colour palette to reflect my love of warm Summer days, where the sun shines brightly, the flowers hold their heads high, the breeze blows gently on your face and the days feel long and carefree. As each new season starts, there is something about it that almost convinces me 'this is my favourite', and then the next season enters, and I look forward to all that has to offer too.




Spring is a wonderful time for new life, growth, new awakenings and change. I love to see the colours begin to appear in the garden, the blossom on the trees and feel the sun beginning to warm up. So I hope that you like the colours I have chosen and that you get a feeling of the promise of warmer days. All colours are available to shop now. I look forward to seeing what you choose.


With love and a few rays of sunshine!


Rachel xx



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