Travels inspire colours

Travels inspire colours


Since starting Gooseberry Fool, I have tried my best to offer a wide range of colours in order to try and please every customer. As my business, and indeed myself have grown, I have realised that it is impossible to please everyone, and what I should be doing is what I want to do and what makes my heart sing! During the past few seasons I have ended up with a surplus of yarn, as I have found it hard to predict what colours will be most popular, so in order to be more sustainable, I have made the decision to reduce my colour palette, ensuring that all the colours available are gender neutral. (That is not to say that there won't be some limited edition festive colours!)


As with previous seasons, my colour palette is heavily influenced by my love of the outdoors, of simple things and particularly this year, my travels. I am at my happiest walking along the seashore or a coastal path, particularly in Cornwall, but I have been fortunate to travel to Canada, America and Morocco this year which have all inspired me. Hopefully you can see from the images how they have influenced my natural tones.


 I hope that you like what you see, and that you too will embrace my love of the natural tones. I look forward to seeing what you order, and to sharing some festive products very soon!

Rachel xx


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