World Environment Day 2022 🌍

On this World Environment Day, I have decided to share some thoughts, suggestions and quotes for how we can effect change to help heal our planet.
'In the universe are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy are billions of planets, But there is only one earth.'
I would love to know your thoughts, and whether you have any suggestions you could add to this list. I will conclude with a quote I have recently read from one of my idols, Dr Jane Goodall when she was interviewed by Satish Kumar, talking about active hope.
'Hope isn't something passive. I see us now as in a very dark tunnel, and at the end of this dark tunnel is a little star of light and that's hope. Well, we don't just sit at the end of the tunnel and hope that the light will come to us. No. We have to roll up our sleeves and crawl under and climb over all the obstacles between us and that star of light. So hope is about action.'

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